First of all, I need to say a special thank you note to Miki from Dalmatian Travel, he was amazing at helping my husband and I plan our honeymoon to the countries that I’ve chosen.
Croatia was my dream destination, well, I was right, Croatia is even better than I could possibly imagine! We rented a house and a car, which is the best way to experience the local daily life, and a car is a must. Highways and even driving by the coast is easy and pleasant. In 10 days we could see a lot, but not everything (good excuse to go back next year!), cities we visited were Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, and the gorgeous islands of Hvar, Vis, the Blue Cave and Stiniva Beach, voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in 2016. We also visited Krka National Park, a fantastic place full of waterfalls, crystal clear water! Allowed to swim after July, 1st.

Here some suggestions if you plan to visit Croatia:

  • Bring plenty of cash (whatever currency you have), you’ll find exchange booths everywhere, and they pay a better rate than at the airports, half of the souvenirs stores do not take Credit Cards, so cash (kunas) is a must. It is also good for tips;
  • Pay attention to the parking meter (we got a ticket in Zadar, for staying longer than allowed), no big deal, only 56 Kunas, that you pay at the post office;
  • Croatian people are super friendly;
  • Food is delicious! Don’t miss the Pekaras (bakeries) with about $4.00 you can get a bag full of goodies!

Montenegro is like a little fairy tale country (way more expensive than Croatia), worth visiting, gorgeous places too, Sveti Stefan Beach is absolutely amazing! Kotor is a very nice city to visit as well.
Italy was very nice, Napoli is not that good, ugly, dirty and dangerous, the only good thing about it is that it is well located, which allows tourists to go to places like Vesuvius, the Volcano, Pompeii (very interesting place!), and the beautiful, but little stressful Amalfi Coast. I have never seen such crazy traffic! Italians drive like insane people, no rules, nothing, just go as wild as you can, but at the narrow roads to reach places like Sorrento, Positano, and catch a ferry to Capri Island, it can be pretty scary! The beaches are nice but too rocky, hard to swim without scratching your knees and feet.

To sum up, Croatia is the best! I have been to many other countries in Europe, but this little country stole my heart! The Sea Organ in Zadar is

magical, especially towards the sunset, where the waves play a “nature song”, the Diocletian’s Palace in Split is gorgeous and full of history.
I hope you all enjoy a little bit of this awesome trip! Miki is a typical Croatian, very friendly and always ready to help make your dreams come true!
I will call Croatia “home” in the near future! Marc & Eliza