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Tinos, Mykonos – what does it matter?

After 6 hours on a ferry from Athens to Mykonos, my best friend and I got off the ferry to realize our bus that was supposed to get us wasn’t there. Confused, we walked around to no avail.

We approached an old Greek man and asked: “Mykonos?” He replied: “Oxi, Tinos.

We. messed. up.

What do we do? Thank God for Greek police officers! They were SO helpful. They sent us to a nearby travel office and we were told to take the night ferry to Mykonos. Okay, so what do we do for the afternoon? Food! We went to Palaia Pallada and had the BEST, most authentic Greek food with the sweetest waiters! We then visited Panagia of Tinos. Time to go! But wait, they wouldn’t let us on the ferry because our ticket was for the morning trip. After begging, we got on, and off to Mykonos…again.

– – –

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