Mediterranean Cruise (Rome) – Day 1 – 7/17/19

The hotel we booked, the Relais Vatican View Hotel, provided car service to pick us up from the airport on Tuesday and take us to the port on Thursday for a total of €210 for the both of us. The driver was waiting for us in the arrival hall at the airport and arrived on time to take us to the port Thursday. We were going to take the train, but having a driver was well worth the money. Our hotel was in a great location right outside the wall of the Vatican City. It was a ten-minute walk to the Vatican Museum entrance and less than a five-minute walk to St. Peter’s Square. We could see St. Peter’s Basilica from our window. We found it through and it was quite affordable, especially for only one night. The owner of the hotel, Fabio, was extremely accommodating. The room was a little small, but it’s really all we needed. It did have a nice bathroom (which my wife really appreciates) He had our room ready for us 6 hours before check-in time. He printed out some of the cruise documents that we had forgotten to print. He moved up our pickup time an hour the day of at our request. All to say, we were very happy with our stay.

We relaxed at the hotel a few hours before our lunchtime at the Vatican. Like I said before, it was a short 10-minute walk from our hotel. Having the voucher was nice so we didn’t have to wait in line. We ate before doing any walking around. The lunch at the Vatican was not something I would do again unless I was short for time and could knock out two birds with one stone. 

The food was cafeteria-style, American style even, and when I’m in Italy, I want authentic Italian food (especially as my first meal there, which this was). This was not. If that’s not what you’re looking for, I recommend getting lunch at one of the many authentic restaurants nearby. 

After lunch, the rest of our time inside the Vatican felt like being herded like cattle. It’s the busy season so it’s what I was expecting, but annoying and uncomfortable nonetheless. This didn’t distract from the greatness of what we were seeing, however. All the ancient art, sculpting, tapestries and much more was truly something to behold. Obviously the Sistine Chapel was something I’d been looking forward to since I knew I was coming. (Side note: the dress code isn’t as strict for men as it is for women. I wore jeans, but there were plenty of men that were in shorts. They do ask the women to cover their shoulders. It didn’t look like they were turning anyone away for not following the dress code.) after walking through the museums, we headed back to the hotel to change (it was near 95 degrees and we were both in pants). After changing, we took the short 5-minute walk to St. Peter’s Square and Basilica. Erika and I both grew up Catholic, so this was another part of the Vatican we were both looking forward to.

From there, we decided to walk to the Pantheon. It was about a mile and a half (30 min.) from the Square. One of my favorite parts of foreign countries is just walking and seeing the culture and architect, which we got plenty of on this walk. We crossed the Tiber River and walked through the Piazza Navona.

Once we got to the Pantheon, we sat down at a little restaurant on the square for dinner. Now this was the food I had been waiting for. The restaurant was called Di Rienzo. The prices were a little high because of the location, but it definitely wasn’t a disappointment. Great pizza and better wine.

After we were done eating, we headed to the Trevi Fountain. We got some gelato along the way. The fountain was the second most crowded site after the Sistine Chapel. We snagged a few pics and people watched for a little bit before we moved on.

As a history teacher, I had to see the Colosseum and the Forum. Unfortunately, the insides were both closed by this time, but we could still go see the outside. We had to get a taxi because of the distance but it was only about €8. It was well worth the taxi. The forum was closed so I was pretty bummed about that, but got some good photos with the Colosseum.

A bit rushed because of time, but a good day in Rome nonetheless.

Mediterranean Cruise (Rome/Boarding Day) – Day 2 – 7/18/19

Jet lag really is a bitch. I woke up around 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep until around 6. Then, we woke up for good at 10. Our car was arriving at 11:30, so we showered and got lunch. Now usually I would never condone eating American food in a foreign country, but we were under a time crunch and authentic Italian restaurants aren’t known for their quick service. So we went to the McDonald’s right across the street for a quick bite before our driver arrived to pick us up. Fabio was excellent upon checkout, giving us an extra hour past checkout to wait for our car. Our driver spoke no English, which made the ride pretty entertaining with him trying to talk about our cruise and his home in Messina, which is one of our stops. It was about an hour and fifteen minutes to the port. The driver was great taking care of directions and getting us to the right port terminal. Check-in was quick and easy. All in all it took us about 15-20 minutes from check-in to getting to our room. After getting the room “upgrade” (moving from an interior room in the middle of the ship on the 11th floor to a room with a window toward the back of the ship on the 8th floor), I was hesitant to be excited about our room. I usually prefer to be in the middle and near the top so as to not hear or feel the engine at night. As to the location on this specific ship, it’s a pretty good spot. We walk right out of our room to a bar and entertainment with guest services etc. The main dining room is also one floor directly below us while the theatre is two floors down.

For right now, the only thing I wish the ship had that I’ve had before is an adult only pool. We walked by the pool not even an hour after boarding and it was already packed with not a single seat open. We got dinner at the buffet and it was pretty good, standard cruise buffet. We also went to the opening night show that gave a duocompletelypreview of all the shows to come on the trip: very impressed by the acrobatic duo, completely turned off by the magician/mentalist. I fell asleep pretty quickly thanks to a few drinks, but again I was a victim to jet lag.

Mediterranean Cruise (Day at Sea) – Day 3 – 7/19/19

I woke up around 2:30 am after falling asleep around 10. At this point, I could really tell that our room was over the engine. I didn’t get back to sleep until around 6 after the sun came up. That put me back to sleep until around 11. It’s a good thing our first day was a day at sea. We got lunch at the buffet (same food that was out for dinner the night before) and then headed out to the pool. Obviously every chair was taken. It took us two laps around the upper deck until we passed someone that was getting up. There’s few better spots to people watch than on the deck of a cruise ship. We spent a few hours out there before heading back to the room to get ready for dinner. We got dinner at O’Sheehans, the sports bar right outside our room. The food here was much better than the buffet. After dinner we headed to “The Perfect Couple” show. A great show that was funny and edgy with adult humor. We met a couple afterwards from Louisiana that we got to know and hung out with the rest of the night. We decided to meet up with them in the morning to head to Santorini.

Mediterranean Cruise (Santorini) – Day 4- 7/20/19

We lost an hour during the night and our clocks on our phones didn’t change and our wake-up call never came so we woke up an hour later than we wanted to. We had planned on meeting Jordan and Matthew at 8 for breakfast at O’Sheehans and then head out. We went out to O’Sheehans and had breakfast while Jordan and Matthew went to get tender tickets. When they got back we waited for about an hour for ticket number 16 to be called. Once we were called we went to the 4th floor to get on the tender. It was a short ride to the dock. We got off and started walking towards the shops. We found and ATM and got some money. Erika started talking to a lady about a tour to Oia. We bought our tickets for €15 each. First we had to take a boat for about 20 minutes. The boat ride made Mathew and I feel pretty nauseous. We both stood by the edge of the boat ready to throw up if needed since the bathrooms on the ship were locked. Thankfully, we both made it to the dock but two ladies next to me didn’t. I ended up with some on my hand. Matthew and I got off the boat as fast as we could and looked for a place to throw up. Matthew ended up getting it out of his system but unfortunately I didn’t. We then got on a bus to head into town that took about ten minutes but felt like an hour. Again, the motion just made me feel terrible. We made it to the city and got a huge bottle of water for me to chug. 

By this point, I was thinking I was dehydrated and not just hung over. Oia is a city on on top of a hill on a cliff side, so after we got the water, we started walking to the top. 

The walk is up little paths with shops and restaurants all the way to the top. We saw some great views once we got there, but we couldn’t stay long because I was feeling so bad. We stopped by a little pharmacy on the way back down and got some electrolyte tablets that I put in the water bottle. We got a bus that was about a 20-30 minute ride atop the cliffs back to the port. Since we were not at the top of the cliffs, we had to take a cable car lift down to the bottom. As bad as my stomach was feeling, this was actually pretty cool. We got a tender back to the ship where I finally felt comfortable after finishing the electrolytes. I got some French fries and bread from the buffet and Erika got a salad. Thankfully it wasn’t but a few hours until I was back to feeling normal. I felt good enough to go with Erika to the Majority Rules game show that we actually did pretty well at. After that we decided to call it an early night knowing we had our stop at Mykonos the next day.

Mediterranean Cruise (Mykonos) – Day 5- 7/21/19


I woke up feeling much better and ready to have a better outing. We got breakfast at O’Sheehans once again before going ashore, an omelette for me and French toast for Erika. Thankfully we docked at Mykonos so we didn’t have to tender and take a ship to shore. 

There were complimentary buses going from the dock into downtown. It was about a 10-15 minute ride. I already liked Mykonos a lot more than Santorini, not just because of how I was feeling or the fact that we docked instead of tendered, but because it wasn’t on the cliffs but right on the water. We got off early and got into town around 9ish. It was a quiet town at this point. People just opening up their shops and restaurants, beaches empty, and boats quiet in the little bay. We spent our time making our way along the coastline paths looking through the shops and enjoying the views.

Once we got a little ways up a hillside to the windmills, we decided to head back down to the beach area. Instead of going back down along the coast, we traversed the maze of pathways through “downtown” Mykonos. It’s amazing watching the delivery trucks drive through the pathways. The interior of downtown had each avenue lined with restaurants, shops, and homes. All of them were busy cleaning their little stoops by mopping or sweeping. Everything is so white and they work really hard to keep it that way. Once we got back down to the coastline, we sat down to have lunch at a seafood restaurant with a view of the water. I got a beer and we both got gyro plates and split a Greek salad. Somehow on this rocky island, their ingredients are just as fresh as everywhere else in Europe. It’s remarkable the difference. We snagged a few more pictures before getting the bus back to the ship.

We headed straight to the pool hoping it wouldn’t be as crowded as it was on the day at sea. Thankfully it wasn’t and we got seats right next to the pool. We hung out for a few hours and had some drinks. A Canadian family sat down next to me and we ended up talking about sports, education, and overall lifestyle differences. I usually don’t enjoy the small talk but we had a pretty good time chatting. After the pool, we decided to go to the sit-down dining room for dinner. We both got the New York strip with a Caesar salad. I also got jalapeño cornbread. It was delicious. We closed the night with the Battle of the Sexes game show and I was pretty disappointed. It was definitely rigged for the ladies.

Mediterranean Cruise (Day at Sea) – Day 6- 7/22/19

Today ended up being a pretty chill day, one which we needed. We slept in for this day at sea until about 11. This was the first time I was able to sleep back 6:30. We got ready and went to lunch at the buffet. After lunch, the pool was too crowded so we went to a few shows and activities. The first one was Famous Movie Lines Trivia. We actually did really well coming in third. We got 23 out of 30 movies. after the trivia contest, we went to get a snack and ran into Matthew and Jordan. We went with them to the crew talent show which was okay; some singers and dancers from the crew was pretty impressive. We parted ways then from Matthew and Jordan and found some chairs out on the side deck to relax. Erika ended falling asleep I did too shortly after catching up on some journaling. Once we woke up, we headed back to the room to get ready for dinner; we planned on meeting up with Jordan and Matthew again for sushi, something I’d been looking forward to since I saw the sushi bar. The sushi was fantastic. Even Erika, who doesn’t like sushi, found something she liked. Unfortunately this menu was a la carte, so we paid for each sushi roll, but it was well worth it. After dinner, we headed to karaoke with Matthew and Jordan. The talent was less than stellar, but it was pretty entertaining. The bar service here wasn’t as great as elsewhere on the ship. There were also four bowling lanes that surrounded the karaoke area, stations we took advantage of. I ended up edging out Matthew in the end, which was surprising considering he was on a bowling team back home. I probably bowled the best game of my life with a 173. We listened to a few more karaoke songs after bowling before heading back to the room to get some sleep.

Mediterranean Cruise (Kotor, Montenegro) – Day 7- 7/23/19

Kotor is is a city that we actually had to cruise inland to. It’s at the end of a fjord about an hour and a half inland from the Adriatic Sea. We were porting around 8, so Erika and I got up around 6 to go up to get breakfast, get tender tickets, and watch the sail in. The views were incredible, sailing through a valley of mountains right off the sea. It’s like a neighborhood of cities instead of houses with a big cul-de-sac at the end and that’s where Kotor is situated.

We ran in to Matthew and Jordan in the tender line so we got off the ship with them. If you’ve read my other journals, you know how we’ve taken advantage of and enjoyed the hop-on hop-off tour buses when we’re short on time somewhere. These buses are great because you can get off at the stop and stay as long as you want because buses stop at each stop every 20-30 minutes. This bus was only €30 per person. I was pretty surprised that a destination as small as Kotor had one. It only had four stops, but instead of landmarks as different stops it actually stopped in four different cities along the fjord so we decided it was worth it since we didn’t have any excursions booked or other plans. The first city we stopped at was Risan. They told us there is really only one thing to see here and that’s the old Roman mosaics from a building that used to stand there. The mosaics were floor tiles from the year 2 A.D. It’s incredible their still in such great condition.

We hopped back on the bus after this short stop and headed to Perast. Here, we visited the island of The Lady of the Rock. We took a little boat for a 10 minute ride to the island. There’s two islands off the coast of Perast, but one of them has a Benedictine and isn’t open to the public except for special occasions. Both islands were man-made which makes them that much more impressive when you see them. The view from the islands provided a great spot for pictures.

After about 30 minutes or so, we got the boat back to the mainland (it only cost us €15 round trip for the four of us). We walked around the city along the coast for a little but before hopping back on the bus to head to the next stop, Bajova Kula. The main point of interest here is the beach which was a great view for lunch. As per usual, I got a seafood pasta and Erika got spaghetti and we got a nice local Chardonnay to wash it down. Here we got some WiFi so we FaceTimed mom and dad. It was 6:30 am for them but they were happy to see our faces for the first time in over a week. The beach was tempting, but two of us didn’t have bathing suits so we headed back to the bus stop.

The bus then took us back to Kotor, the fourth and last stop. Kotor is home to The Olde Town, which is an old fortress with the city inside. We walked around here for a little bit to find our souvenir. This place was by far the hardest for us so far on our travels. We just couldn’t seem to agree on anything and we almost headed back to the ship without one before we found one we both liked. Once we were back on the ship, we changed and went to the pool for a little bit to relax. Montenegro was super hot so I got in the pool for the first time. I couldn’t believe how salty it is, but someone said they just filter water from the ocean to bring it up to the pool so that makes sense. We again went back to the main dining room for dinner where I got the beef strips and Erika got the three cheese baked ziti. There really isn’t a bad meal anywhere to be found on this trip. After dinner, we watched the Beat the Clock game show which was okay, not spectacular. The game shows so far have been hit or miss. A lot of it depends on the host of the show in my opinion. We decided to book the Game of Thrones excursion through the cruise line. Since it would be an early morning, we picked up our tickets for that on the way back to the room to call it a night.

Mediterranean Cruise (Dubrovnik, Croatia) – Day 8- 7/24/19

Our meeting time for our excursion was at 7:45, so we go up, at a quick breakfast at the buffet, and went to the meeting point, Stardust Theater. We got off the ship around 8 and loaded into charter buses to head into town. There were probably about 50 or 60 people signed up and thankfully they split us up into two groups. It took us about 15 minutes or so to get to the destination. Our tour guide was a local so he not only gave us history of the show but also the city. He took us through the city inside the wall and pointed out different places where different scenes were filmed. It was helpful that he had frame shots of the scenes that were filmed in each location. He was extremely knowledgeable about the show and the actors and actresses in it: where they stayed, where they liked to eat, and how friendly or unfriendly they were in real life. We walked around the inside of the city for a while before making the pretty tough climb to the top of the wall. It was well worth it though as many scenes were filmed here and the views were awesome. With the heat and all the steps, we were cramming in our exercise for the entire trip into one excursion.

Once the tour was over, we had time to walk around on our own for an hour or so. The was the first destination I could find a copy of Harry Potter in the local language. I was pretty excited because after not finding it in Greece or Montenegro, I had pretty much given up. Luckily Erika spotted a bookstore and they had a copy. We also bought a copy of Game of Thrones in Croatian to be our souvenir from here. There was a restaurant called Magnolia near the bus stop where we got caprese salad and sandwiches for lunch before catching the bus back. Dinner at the main dining room had been hitting for us so we went back again tonight. It was a good choice as there were so many good options. That’s one of the great things about dining on a cruise ship: you can order as much off the menu as you want with no extra charge. Keeping that in mind, I ordered a beef slider, mussels, and a Caesar salad for appetizers, the rainbow trout with potatoes and broccoli for the entree, and the lava cake and apple cobbler for dessert. Don’t judge me, I’m on vacation and lord knows we’ve paid for it. I also thought after all the exercise I did today that it was acceptable to order that much food. We ran into Matthew and Jordan on our way out and told them they should meet us at O’Sheehans after they were done eating. We didn’t arrive at the next port of Messina until 12 the next day, so we all thought this would be a good night to get a little inebriated. We spent the rest of the night at the bar with our new friends Arnold and Roger (the bartenders). I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned them yet, but they’ve been a huge component of our happiness on this trip. They’ve been our go-to bartenders since we stepped on the ship. Anyways, tonight they helped us have a good time by providing us with many different shots to try. The drink package is definitely a must for worry-free traveling if you’re one who likes to enjoy drinks on the ship. We also met a new couple from Canada, Cody and Kristina. They joined in the festivities and we had a great time until we were all feeling the need to hit a bed.

Mediterranean Cruise (Messina [Sicily], Italy) – Day 9- 7/25/19

Messina is a city on an island off the coast of Italy. It’s more commonly known as Sicily. Erika and I went into this day knowing it would be a beach day for us. We got to sleep in because the ship didn’t port until 12. We met up with Matthew and Jourdan at O’Sheehans because of course why not. Cody and Kristina had already booked something so they left early. I got the blue cheese cheeseburger and Erika got the regular cheeseburger. During lunch, we conversed about what we wanted to do that day. Like I said, we wanted to visit the beach but Matthew and Jordan didn’t. They wanted to visit the city of Taormina, which was about an hour and a half. The beaches near the port aren’t very clean and we were told Taormina had one of the nicest beaches on the island, so the four of us split a cab with two other women to get there. It was €35 per person which was a pretty good deal for a three hour round trip. The other women also wanted to go to the city so they got out at the same drop off point with Matthew and Jourdan. The driver then proceeded down the cliffs to the beach area to drop Erika and me off. He dropped us off at a stairway that led to a public access beach with privatized areas where you could rent chairs and umbrellas. We rented two at a hotel for a reasonable price instead of laying our towels straight on the sand. Mediterranean beaches are usually rocky instead of sandy like the ones we’re used to back home. This one was sort of a mixture of the two. It was sandy up until you got to the water, then it was rocky from there. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds though as the rocks are larger and you can find one or two to stand on or you can choose to float.

We knew we had two hours before the driver would be back to pick us up and return us to the port. The water here is nothing like the water back home, clear and so many shades of dark blue and green. We spent most of time floating in the water people watching and looking for unique and colorful rocks. Erika decided to bring some back with us as souvenirs even though I told her the security at the ship probably wouldn’t allow them on. The taxi arrived right on time to take us back to Messina after already picking up the other four from town. We got back to the ship with plenty of time to spare so we went back to our rooms to change and go back off for dinner with Jourdan and Matthew. We walked around looking in some of the shops and tried to find a place to eat. Almost every restaurant was closed or was only serving drinks from 3:30 to 7:30 (which is when we had to be back on the ship) between lunch and dinner. Finally we found one that was serving food. They got pizza and pasta but Erika and I weren’t very hungry so we got some bruschetta to share.

After eating, we got back on the ship for some drinks from Arnold and Rodger. They let us know that we were about to disembark from the port so we headed to the top deck to watch. Messina provides a great sunset for us to sail away from.

While watching the city get small in the distance, we talked about what are plans were for the next day. They decided they wanted to visit Pompeii, but Erika had no desire to do that. Since we have already been to Naples and Capri, we decided we’d play it by ear in the morning.

Mediterranean Cruise (Naples, Italy) – Day 10- 7/26/19

Since we didn’t have any solid plans, we slept in a little to let the first rush of people get off the ship. We got breakfast once again at O’Sheehans since it’s on our way out. Whenever we ate breakfast here, I got the omelette. Not bad for a complimentary breakfast.

After talking at breakfast, we figured we loved Capri so much why don’t we go back since we didn’t really like Naples. We headed to the pier to buy tickets and found a very, very long line. The last time we went, we had paid for a tour and all of this was already handled for us. We found doing it on our own was very confusing trying to figure out which ferry went where and what times they ran. This made us nervous as to getting back to the ship on time. On the way from the ship, we passed a bunch of taxi drivers that were advertising rides to different places so we went back to them to see what our options were. Two of the cities that caught my eye were Positano and Sorrento, two cities along the coast near Capri that Is seen pictures and heard about. For the two of us, the taxi was charging €300. It’s an hour and a half both ways, making for a three hour round trip. We told him we couldn’t pay that. He told us if we had other people, we would split the cost but we didn’t have anyone else. He tried to find some other riders for us while Erika and I discussed it. Fifteen minutes later, he still hadn’t found anyone so we got to negotiate. We were able to get him down to €200 and agreed. I was hesitant but Erika and I figured this would be our last big expenditure of the trip so why not. He said he would take us to Positano for a little bit, then take us to Sorrento where’d we’d spend most of our time. He’d wait for us there until we were ready to return to the ship. We basically paid for a private driver for the day so it turns out the price was worth it. The drive was scenic in itself. Winding up and down and through the mountains, the views couldn’t get better. It wasn’t very easy on the stomach though. Along the way, the driver stopped at some scenic spots for us to take pictures and also a spot to try some limoncello and gelato. He knew the lady so she gave it to us for free. We got some good scenic pics in Positano before heading to Sorrento.


We went back along the coast and through the mountains to get to Sorrento. The driver took us to downtown Sorrento and parked in a parking garage. From there, he walked us to the city center where he told us he would meet us in a few hours. Sorrento seemed like an upscale shopping area with high end international shops, local shops, and plenty of restaurants and gelaterias. We walked around looking in the shops and got lunch and some gelato before heading back to meet the driver.


I fell asleep on the way back to the port. We arrived at about 3:30 or so with the ship departing at 4:30. We both showered and relaxed a little bit before heading to dinner at the main dining room. This time I got the Caesar salad and cream of potato soup as appetizers. I went all out for the entree getting the Cajun shrimp with a side (yes aside) of New York strip. It’s a good thing too because the shrimp plate only came with six pieces. Erika got the shrimp and mushroom Alfredo without the shrimp and mushrooms (classic).

Again, that’s the beauty of eating in the main dining room. You can order as much as you want of anything on the menu and the waiters will still keep coming back asking if they can get you anything else. I also got a great chocolate remaloude (sp?) cake for dessert.l, but I forgot to get a picture of that. That happened a lot with meals. I get so excited that I forget. We went to get drinks at O’Sheehans before going to a game show Erika wanted to see. It was called This or That and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Anyone from the crowd who wanted to play came down to the stage. There were two categories and the show host would give a word or phrase and you had to pick the category it related to. We played but weren’t very good. It was pretty entertaining as far as the game shows have gone on this trip. We of course stopped by the bar on our way back for a drink before bed and Matthew and Jourdan were there so we spent some time hanging out before going back to the room.

Mediterranean Cruise (Livorno [Florence/Pisa], Italy) – Day 11 – 7/27/19

The last day of the cruise was technically Erika’s last day to sleep in before going back to work seeing as we would be waking up early to get to the airport on Sunday. This dictated our morning schedule on Saturday. We slept in and then watched a movie so she could enjoy her last day of vacation. It helped that we’d previously spent three days in Florence and also done Cinque Terre. This only left Pisa which wasn’t supposed to be far from the port. We hit O’Sheehans for lunch where we both got burgers. I got the black and blue while Erika got the classic. They keep bringing you French fries until you can’t eat anymore so Erika loves eating there. So obviously Florence isn’t on the coast, so we port in a city called Livorno. It’s a 45ish minute drive to Pisa and a little over an hour inland to Florence. We just wanted to dip by Pisa and snag a few pics and come back. Come to find out that wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Once getting off the ship, you had no choice but to pay €5 per person for a shuttle to take you into town. All the other cities had free shuttles if you needed one. The bus dropped us off at a bus stop near the center of the city with nothing really to go on from there. There was a tourist information center nearby so we went to see if there was a way for us to get to Pisa. Unfortunately the last bus was leaving at 2:00 (it was currently 1:15) and all the seats were already taken. I know Erika wanted to relax on the boat and she only got off because I wanted to so I was pretty disappointed but I didn’t try to pursue another way to get there. From what we heard from other people later on is that it was quite difficult to get anywhere if you didn’t book an excursion with the cruise line. You live and you learn when it comes to stuff like this. We got back on the shuttle and headed back to the ship. Once back on, I stayed in the room to take a nap and Erika went to the pool for a few hours. Since we were getting off the ship quite early, I went ahead and started packing before Erika got back from the pool. We wanted to go to the main dining room for our last dinner so we got ready and headed there. We past Jourdan at O’Sheehans and they hadn’t eaten yet so they decided to join us. We were glad she was there because we weren’t sure if we’d see them before the morning (the downside of not being able to communicate with phones on the ship). I once again got the Caesar salad this time with the bouillabaisse. I got the seafood orzo for the main course and a chocolate raspberry tart for dessert.