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Whether you’re heading someplace new or heading home, Dalmatian Travel is there to ensure that you get where you want to go.  When you purchase your ticket with us, you also get our Great-Service Guarantee.  That means we’ll be there for you throughout your entire travel experience – door to door.

Преко 435 опција авиокомпаније

That’s what you get when you work with us at Dalmatian Travel.  Having access to airlines means you have access to all the destination they serve.  And that means we can get you there!

Ниски цене

Our agents use a combination of  low contracted airline fares, and their extensive knowledge of how to combine those fares, to ensure you have best pricing options to meet your needs.
Летње цене распродаје (кликните плус знак за приказ)
Све цене укључују порез.

Продајне цене доступне су само у следећим градовима и на одређене датуме.
Цене не укључују пртљаг.

Летње цене су за путовања 1. јуна 2021. или после њега / максималан боравак 30 дана.

Chicago – Dubrovnik $850
Boston – Dubrovnik $750
New York – Dubrovnik $750
Toronto – Dubrovnik $899

Toronto – Zagreb $799
Toronto – Split $895

Los Angeles – Zagreb $995
Los Angeles – Belgrade $885
Los Angeles – Sarajevo $995
Los Angeles – Skopje $995

Chicago – Zagreb $1095
Chicago – Belgrade $1195
Chicago – Sarajevo $1095
Chicago – Skopje $1150

Boston – Zagreb $825
Boston – Belgrade $975
Boston – Sarajevo $895

Washington D.C. – Belgrade $925

New York – Zagreb $1025
New York – Belgrade $850
New York – Sarajevo $1025
New York – Skopje $1025

Pittsburgh – Belgrade $1195

Miami – Zagreb $1175
Miami – Belgrade $1075

Las Vegas – Belgrade $1175

Phoenix – Belgrade $1175

Houston – Belgrade $995
Хоустон - Сарајево 995 долара

Компаније за изнајмљивање аутомобила


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Milan and Lynette Durovic are the owners of Dalmatian Travel, Cruise of Thrones & Dragonfly Video & Design.  We believe in being visionaries and putting hard work into those visions.  We love family and we love travel.  The enthusiasm for these two things is what fuels our dreams.  We hope to bring our service and dedication to you.

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